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about nagalle designs

making fine opal and gemstone inlay jewelry

Nagalle Designs was founded in Oregon, located within the beautiful Pacific Northwest between the pearly white mountains and the sparkling blue ocean. This tranquil environment has inspired our artistic designs and unique and creative works.

The Nagalle Collections are well known for their timeless and contemporary designs. The excellent workmanship, highest standards, and superb quality place Nagalle at the forefront of designer jewelry. Each piece is hand made by skilled craftsman creating the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

Nagalle selects only the finest gem-grade, precious Australian opal available and prides itself on matching designs to beautiful colored gemstones. The colors and patterns you see brilliantly displayed in Nagalle's opal jewelry are just as nature created.

Always fascinating to the wearer and admirer alike, opal jewelry expresses a different mood with every angle and brightness of light.

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